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Most drivers want their vehicle to last forever (or at least as long as they need it!). Protecting the engine is the easiest way to extend your vehicle’s road-life. Normal road travel will cause wear-and-tear and compromise your engine’s performance. Preserving your vehicle’s overall performance and efficiency is our shop’s specialty. Your vehicle’s most important maintenance service is the quality oil change. Lubricating your engine’s metal parts is vital to protecting the engine’s longevity. When the motor oil starts to wear down and lose viscosity, the engine’s metal parts will collide and create friction. This is what leads to an engine overworking, overheating, and eventually breaking down. We’ll design an oil change service plan that’s perfectly suited to your vehicle’s age, your driving habits, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your vehicle’s purposes will determine its oil change intervals. Consult with our experts to find out what lube service schedule is best for your vehicle.

Improve Vehicle Efficiency & Longevity

There are numerous benefits to our service intervals. Oil changes and filter changes will keep your engine clean and clear of dirt and debris. A dirty engine is the quickest path to a breakdown or early retirement. An engine that is forced to operate with contaminants will have to work harder than necessary. It will also wear down faster. Our team is here to make sure your vehicle maintains exceptional engine performance and efficiency. If it’s time for another oil change, don’t delay. The sooner you bring your vehicle to Signature Automotive for one of our engine maintenance intervals, the sooner you’ll be road-ready. Come to us for an oil change that will equip your engine with the cleanest and clearest motor oils. You’ll notice an improvement in fuel efficiency with a consistent oil change schedule. We use the best quality, brands, and grades of motor oil for your vehicle’s maintenance service plan.

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Many vehicle owners will wait until there oil change has turned into an emergency service. That’s not the most effective way to care for your engine. It’s not good enough just to receive an oil change, but responsible drivers should receive them on a consistent basis. Failing to change the oil often enough is a leading cause for your engine’s early breakdown. The vehicle’s manufacturer will provide recommendations that will give you the best practices for your oil change intervals. However, every driver and their driving habits are different. Our expert technicians will consider the terrain in which you’ll be driving and the purposes of the vehicle. For example, extended highway travel requires different service attention than stop-and-go city traffic. Give us a call today at 856-464-8900 to schedule your next oil change service appointment